Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Our new dictator

It will be interesting to see if our beloved leader, Tony, insists that he has a "mandate for change" in England. His party got fewer votes than the excreable Tories, yet wound up with more seats - 73 of them.

One of his first, and rather crap, ideas is toll charging for the whole of England - and it's being sponsored by a secretary of state (Darling) who sits for a Scottish seat - so even if it goes through, his constituency won't be affected.

I fully accept that we need to do something to reduce congestion, but I don't think that this hare-brained scheme is the right thing. I can see loads of attractions fro HMG - huge increase in income, more speeding and parking tickets - but for the average citizen, it's another nail in the coffin for privacy in the UK. And it'll be a cheats' charter - get your car chipped or simply switch off the tracker and you can drive for free. Plus, as it's a government IT project it'll be hugely over budget, it will be delivered late and it won't work. So that's all right, then.