Thursday, March 31, 2005

Outlook 2003 SP1 bug

Another bit of MS software, and another bug hunt - shades of Robert Heinlein...

The problem I was experiencing related to Outlook not sending outgoing mail via my chosen default account, even though that was where I had specified it should go from. I have seven different accounts, three of which require server authentication. And this, apparently, is the cause of the problem - where one or more accounts have authentication for outbound SMTP traffic, the most senior of those accounts will be used in preference to any other nominated default acount, or eben your normal reply from address.

To get over this, it is necessary to go into the "more settings" bit for each of the non-authenticated accounts and force the system to think it has to authenticate by ticking the "outgoing server requires authentication" box on the Outgoing Server tab.

It seems to work for me - job done!


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