Thursday, January 27, 2005


Ho hum.

The time has finally come when I have had to go on a diet. Week one was not too bad - the WW ready meals at least don't taste too much like cardboard, though the same can't be said for what purports to be bread. That really is yucky. According to the weigh-in, I have lost the princely sum of seven pounds (that's about 3.2 kg). The other half lost eight! And men are supposed to lose more and faster. There is simply no justice in it.

Only another 68 kg to go... or about 18 months of not having beer. If nothing else, this will probably cure any latent George Best tendencies.

I am very glad I have a decent mandolin - the kitchen implement, not the musical instrument. It makes short work of slicing tomatoes, cucumber and onions, so at least making salads is pretty easy. Not that this is really salad weather - about 5 degrees C at the moment.


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